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Philosophy of Ministry



Our purpose is to lead kids/teens to Know, Love and Serve Christ.  NWCT is a Christian Kid/Teen Church for the purpose of discipleship and service. 



We reach teens/kids first, develop a relationship with them, love them, introduce those that do not know Jesus to Him, and disciple them.  We provide Biblical teaching to ground teens in the Word to further this goal.  From the teens and kids we reach into the home to their siblings, their parents, and the community. 

NWCT will come alongside the other churches and parents to work together to develop spiritually strong children and youth who faithfully follow Jesus Christ.

We strive to teach leadership skills to those teens that are willing to put in the extra time to study, practice and strive to lead as Christ lead.  We call these teens, Student Leaders.



Our vision is to see kids/teens reaching others for Christ, coming alongside them, and multiplying fruit.

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